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Level 3 Defensive Driving Online

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court acceptance guarantee

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Class Description

Online Program Overview:

Our Online Level 3 Traffic Safety course is designed by First Responders and is for drivers who have exhibited reckless behavior, excessive speeding, racing, traveling too fast for conditions, road rage, and multiple traffic offenses.

This I.S.A.E. Level 3 Traffic Safety online course is equivalent to a 10-hour program designed to help motorist reflect on the impact of their behavior among other motorists and communities.

Our Online Traffic Safety Level 3 course delves into impulse control, stress and anger management, and demonstrates the elevated risk of death, and dismemberment associated with high rates of speed.

This course is designed to educate and change a motorists’ driving behaviors.

Online Class Topics Include:

How much did it cost you?
Choices and Consequences
Values, Attitudes and Behaviors
Taking Responsibility
Managing Stress & Anger
Controlling your Emotions
You and Others’ Emotions from Driving Your Car
External Driving Conditions
Effects of Substance and Driving
Personal Goals



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