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Choose the way you take our court approved courses.  Online, Virtual ZOOM, and In-person classes for court are available now!

We are the Institute for Specialized Alternative Education (ISAE), a leading provider for educational programs and court ordered classes since 1988.


Our evidence-based court approved online classes cover a wide range of topics and are available throughout the United States and around the world. Or, choose to attend one of our scheduled classes either In-Person or Virtual ZOOM court classes online from your home computer.

We are the Institute for Specialized Alternative Education (ISAE), a leading provider for educational programs and court ordered classes. We offer Online court ordered classes in addition to scheduled virtual and in-person classes.

ISAE: Court Classes Online, Virtual ZOOM and In-Person

ISAE provides court classes online, virtually, and in person. Our mission is to be a valuable social change agent for many young people and adults. Our proactive approach to classes for court has had a significant positive impact on the diverse communities that we serve.

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Online Court Classes


Our classes for court can be completed on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device at your convenience. You can always pause the online course and resume where you left off later. Each of our court classes online have narration and exercises to do, allowing you to learn by hearing, seeing and interacting with the information being presented to you. Once you’ve completed one of our court classes online, you receive a digital certificate of completion. 


Family Services Program


We take pride in knowing that our services motivate individuals to become more able to accomplish court mandated requirements. In addition to our well-known Education Programs, we have now instituted our Family Services Program. This program offers a wide range of services exclusively for family members who have identified specific behaviors that affect family members. The Family Services Program aims to develop or enhance appropriate skills to achieve goals and boost their relational interactions.

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About ISAE

Our mission at ISAE is to empower people to improve their lives by providing critical knowledge through education.  We believe “Knowledge is Power” , and we take a very proactive approach in educating our clients by providing them with valuable information that will allow them to improve decision making skills. Our innovative and interactive evidence-based court classes online, in-person and virtually, allow all our clients to realize how their actions may be affecting their lives in negative ways.

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ISAE employs degreed, licensed and/or certified professionals who are experienced in fields inclusive of mental health, substance abuse, criminal justice and law enforcement in order to provide the best possible classes for courts. Our facilitators also have a thorough understanding of working with diverse populations, supporting our ability to work effectively in cross-cultural environments with awareness of trauma-informed care. All of our employees are practiced in individual, group and family counseling. Our evidence-based, therapeutic models are governed in Motivational Interviewing, Social Learning Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Reality Based Therapy, Accelerated Learning Strategies, Experiential Techniques and Strength Based Approaches. ISAE is a licensed Colorado Department of Human Services Office of Behavioral Health agency. All of our court classes, online, virtual, and in-person, take advantage of our decades of experience.


Our experienced facilitators are active in their respective field. This enhances our ability to meet the clinical needs of individuals who have substance use, mental health disorders and/or legal issues. Individuals who have these issues collaborate with the professionals and providing the appropriate treatment modalities, substance monitoring, evaluations and/or case management services. 

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ISAE continues to be on the leading-edge in offering evidence-based court classes online as well as classroom and virtual settings. We also provide a 24-hour data portal to enhance reporting efficiency for our referral agencies. ISAE consistently utilizes best practices and classroom methods to impact all four modalities of learning, which include seeing, hearing, moving, and touching. Our Education Program curriculums cover DUI, Petty Theft, Anger Management, Defensive Driving Class, Drug and Alcohol, Victim Empathy, and Discovering Better Choices, among many other life-learning programs. Most of our court classes online and in-person classes are also offered in Spanish.


Our in-person courses take place in the following Colorado locations: Aurora, Brighton, Colorado Springs, Denver, Frederick, Fort Collins, Fort Lupton, Greeley, Lakewood, Longmont, Louisville, Loveland, Pueblo and Thornton. Our virtual and online classes can be taken from your home computer anywhere in the world.


ISAE is an agency that can provide a wide range of mental health, substance abuse, family services, and other life learning classes or services, as well as a defensive driving class. ISAE is your connection for a modernized way of learning. Take a court class online, or attend class virtually from your computer, or take an in person class at the location nearest you.

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If you are not sure exactly what class to take, please give us a call.

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