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Family Services

ISAE offers a variety of family services as well as court designed classes to parents who need to satisfy court requirements or who recognize the need to improve their family skills. A court order is not required to take one of our family services class and is certainly not required to benefit from them!


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Our family services classes cover issues such as parenting for young adults, co-parenting, and parenting after divorce. If you’re not sure which class would be best for your situation, please give us a call with any questions you have.


Parenting classes teach the skills needed to raise healthy children, both physically and emotionally, by covering such topics as anger management, communication, planning ahead, dealing with difficult behavior, and co-parenting. Parents leave equipped with tools to improve their relationships with their children and co-parent.


Parenting after divorce classes cover common situations that arise during and after a divorce or dissolving a relationship. Families going through separation, ending a long-term relationship, or getting a divorce deal with lots of stress, and by understanding how that stress can manifest itself as negative behavior in both parents and children, families can improve their ability to communicate and meet one another’s needs, and ultimately, the needs of the children. Parents leaving this class will have a greater ability to navigate this difficult time.


For those families who are needing more support, ISAE also offers services for  families who need mediation, substance use evaluations and intervention services. ISAE understands the importance in maintaining positive, healthy and proactive family dynamics. That is why these services are always available for you and your family and do not require a court ordered judgment.


Sign up for any of ISAE's family service classes or other supportive services today and begin your journey to a healed, healthier, and happier family.


If you do not see the type of class you need to take please call us at (303) 433-1900 to find out when your class can be offered.

Online Family Service Classes

co-parenting through conflict level 1.5
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$90.00 or less
parenting after divorce & separation level 1
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$50.00 or less

In-Person or Virtual Family Service Classes



If you are not sure exactly what class to take, please give us a call.

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