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About Us

I.S.A.E. is the Institute for Specialized Alternative Education


We are located in the Denver metro area. Classes are offered at several different locations throughout the Denver metro area and other cities in Colorado.



We believe that "Knowledge is Power"


We take a very proactive approach in educating our students by providing them with valuable information that allows them to become better decision makers.


I.S.A.E. has been a valuable social change agent for many adults and young people across the state of Colorado for over 25 years. Our proactive approach has had a positive impact on the diverse communities we have the honor of serving. Moving forward I.S.A.E. will continue to use best practices to better serve our clients.


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About ISAE

If you are not sure exactly what class to take, please give us a call.

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Office Hours  

Monday-Friday:  9am-4pm


850 E 73rd Ave Suite #1A

Denver, CO 80229

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