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Level 1 1st Resp Defensive Driving Class Online

Defensive Driving Class Online

Class Information

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Your court or referral source may not acknowledge Online classes. Be sure to get permission from them before you sign up for this class. Refunds or transfers will not be permitted once you pay for an online class.


ISAE online classes are available in all 50 states.


You will have 72 hours after sign up to complete this class. After you sign up, we will send the class login information to your email, along with the web address for taking this class.


To pass this class, you will need to complete the online class exercises, take an online test, and submit a 300-word online essay. If you do not complete this class within 72 hours, additional fees will apply for taking the class again.


We will email your certificate of completion to you after your class requirements are received and reviewed.


If you complete your class Friday thru Sunday, your certificate should be emailed to you on Monday. If our office is closed on Monday, you will receive your certificate on the next business day.

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Class Description

About Our Defensive Driving Online Class

This defensive driving class is online. To complete the ISAE defensive driving online class you will need to submit exercises online, pass the online test and submit an essay. This class can be completed on a desktop computer or a mobile device.

Online Defensive Class Overview: The Level 1 Defensive Driving online class teaches responsible and defensive driving habits. The class provides the necessary prevention and intervention information to clients who have received a traffic violation and individuals who are required to take a defensive driving class. The class is designed to present drivers with a wide range of topics concerning "Responsible Defensive Driving.” The class consists of pre- and post-testing, lecture, and visual aids. Through in-depth education and increased understanding, drivers will be able to make better choices about their driving habits. They will learn the skills necessary to improve their driving ability. Level 1 Defensive Driving online will help improve driver awareness and decrease the risk of accidents. The class is an excellent choice for those who wish to reduce their insurance premium after receiving a ticket. The course is also suitable for those or who wish to improve their driving skills and knowledge, as well as people who want to enjoy the convenience of an online defensive driving class.

Topics Covered in the Course Include:
  • What is Defensive Driving?
  • Physical and Mental Conditions of the Driver
  • Road Rage Prevention
  • Personal Choices - Drugs, Alcohol and Driving
  • Driving Conditions and the Environment
  • Two-second Following Distance Rule
  • Collision Prevention Formulae
  • City and Suburban Driving

Who should enroll in the defensive driving class online?
  • Adults and juveniles facing minor traffic violations and wish to reduce points taken off their licenses by taking an online defensive driving class should enroll.
  • Clients who need education and improvement on general driving guidelines are advised to take this class.
  • Anyone wanting to improve their driving skills should enroll in this class.
  • Young adult drivers wanting discounted insurance rates can benefit from this class (contact your insurance agent for specific information).

I.S.A.E. will make accommodations for all indigent clients as determined by the referring agency.

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Defensive Driving



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