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Drug Alcohol Online

Class Information

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Your court or referral source may not acknowledge Online classes. Be sure to get permission from them before you sign up for this class. Refunds or transfers will not be permitted once you pay for an online class.


You will have 72 hours after sign up to complete this class. After you sign up, we will send the class login information to your email, along with the web address for taking this class.


To pass this class, you will need to complete the online class exercises, take an online test, and submit a 300-word online essay. If you do not complete this class within 72 hours, additional fees will apply for taking the class again.


We will email your certificate of completion to you after your class requirements are received and reviewed.


If you complete your class Friday thru Sunday, your certificate should be emailed to you on Monday. If our office is closed on Monday, you will receive your certificate on the next business day.

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Class Description

------What You Need to Know About This Class

We know that taking this class might not be something you’re looking forward to, but we’ve done our best to make it as painless as possible.

This is an online drug and alcohol class. It is your responsibility to ensure your court or referring agency will accept an online drug class/online alcohol class.

This class covers both drug and alcohol issues.

If you are considered legally indigent and cannot pay for this course, we may be able to accommodate you. Please give us a call: (303) 433-1900.

------Who Should Take This Online Alcohol and Drug Class?

Adults and juveniles who have received tickets for:
• Open container violations
• Illegal possession / consumption of alcohol
• Public intoxication
• Marijuana charges
• Minor in possession
• Fake ID's
• Related alcohol or drug offenses
• Not sure if you qualify? Call us and we can help: (303) 433-1900

------What Topics Are Covered in The ISAE Substance Abuse Course?

• Legal issues involving the use of drugs and alcohol
• How your peers and community impact your behavior
• The impact of genetics on substance abuse
• Understanding blood-alcohol levels
• How to develop strategies for avoiding issues
• How to develop healthier behavior

------How Does The Online Drug and Alcohol Class Work?

Our online drug and alcohol class involves a mixture of watching videos and student interaction. During the course, you’ll be asked to reflect on your own experiences, opinions, and behavior. The ISAE substance abuse course is designed to accomplish two major goals:

1. Help you understand the law and avoid further interactions with the criminal justice system. By knowing the law, you’ll know how to avoid future legal issues. You will become familiar with which situations you should avoid.

2. Understand how you can change your own environment and behavior to live a healthier and safer life. You may discover that some of the people you spend time with have a negative impact on your life. You’ll learn ways you can avoid choices that will result in negative outcomes for your health and your life.

If you are ready to take a step forward but are not sure how to do so, sign up for our substance abuse course. We are here to help you go beyond “just say no.” You’ll finish this online drug and alcohol class understanding WHY you should say no.



If you are not sure exactly what class to take, please give us a call.

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