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Have you been charged with a Morality Crime? Morality crimes bring up the question of morals and are less cut-and-dry than many crimes involving violence or theft.


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Many of these crimes involve sex acts or actions that can be offensive to the public, even if these actions were committed with the consent of both parties. Colorado recognizes these types of morality crimes: indecent exposure, solicitation or patronizing prostitution, unwanted touching, voyeuristic, exploitation, among many other unnatural and unwanted sexual behaviors. Depending on the circumstances surrounding any of these morality crimes, a defendant could be charged with a felony or misdemeanor level offense.

Taking our Public Behavior class, clients will develop an understanding of the laws and criminal/administrative penalties, self-regulation model, pro-social behaviors and social reinforcements in an Accelerated Learning workshop design by creating a positive and respectful learning environment that eliminates John-Shaming. We have experienced and skilled facilitators who incorporates today's most effective treatment modalities that will provide an exceptionally effective forum for creating long-lasting emotional and behavioral change.

Deviant Public Behavior

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