Level 2 Defensive Driving 1 Day
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Level 2 Defensive Driving 1 Day

About this Class


Date and Time

Saturday December 2, 2023 9:00am to 4:00pm


Station 11
1675 W. 69th Ave.
Community Room
Denver, CO 80221

Class Description


Program Overview
Level 2 Defensive Driving for all Ages provides education and intervention information to repeat traffic violators and traffic offenders in need of more extensive anger management and impulse control training. The program is designed for drivers with a wide range of dangerous driving habits including speeding, drinking and driving and driver initiated "attention distracters". The presentation consists of pre- and post-attitude questionnaires, lecture, visual aids and group exercises.

Through the development of time, stress and anger management as well as impulse control techniques, clients learn to become safer and more empathetic toward others on the road. Participants will also become more aware of how their poor driving choices are negatively affecting their personal lives, the lives of other drivers and pedestrians, and their own driving privileges.

Topics Include:
Driving •Pre and Post-Attitude Questionnaire
Values Clarification & Influence Examination
Selecting Driving Speeds & Calculating Stopping Distances
Proper Use of all Occupant Restraints
Personal Choices - Drugs, Alcohol and Driving
Identifying & Eliminating Driver Distractions
Aggressive Driving and Developing Self De-Escalation Skills
Behavior Modification Contracts & Personal Goal Setting
Proper Vehicle Maintenance & Vehicle Emergency Kits
Traffic Laws Specific to Colorado Drivers

I.S.A.E. will accommodate all indigent clients as determined by the referring agency.

Who should attend?
Adults and juveniles facing several traffic violations
Clients needing additional education on general driving guidelines
Anyone wanting to improve their driving skills




If you are not sure exactly what class to take, please give us a call.

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Denver, CO 80229

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