Level 1 DUI/DWAI Alcohol Education 3 Days
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Level 1 DUI/DWAI Alcohol Education 3 Days

About this Class


Dates and Times

Tuesday July 11, 2023 5:00pm –
Thursday July 13, 2023 10:00pm
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IMPORTANT: This program is for Colorado DUI violations only. No refund is given if you sign up with a non-Colorado DUI.


I.S.A.E. Thornton
850 E. 73rd Ave.
Unit 1-A
Denver, CO 80229

Class Description

WE ONLY HANDLE IN STATE TICKETS. If you received a DUI from another state you can not attend the DUI program with I.S.A.E. REGISTERING FOR THE CLASS WILL RESULT IN NO REFUND FOR OUT OF STATE TICKETS.


Program Overview

Level 1 DUI/DWAI Alcohol Education is intended for first-time offenders presenting with impaired driving charges.

The program utilizes the "Driving with Care" education model and is designed to increase participant's awareness of the negative effects of substances on individual driving abilities. This ADAD mandated Alcohol Education program is highly interactive and offers clients insight into their patterns of drinking and substance usage while behind the wheel.

Level 1 DUI/DWAI Alcohol Education has been specifically created to reduce recidivism by teaching driving safety education as it relates to alcohol and other drugs and by changing the client's thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. Program discussions are designed to encourage and maintain sobriety. Program cost includes client workbook and Discharge Referral Summary for DMV records.

Topics Include:
Understanding the Physical Consequences of Substance Use
Recognizing Errors in Thinking Patterns
Identifying the Effects of Substances on Driving Behaviors
Increasing Healthy Coping Mechanisms
Assessing Future DUI/DWAI Risks
Developing Personalized Relapse Prevention Plans


Who should attend??
Clients presenting with first-time DUI, DWAI or similar offenses
Clients needing a 12 hour, ADAD approved program for driver's license suspensions




If you are not sure exactly what class to take, please give us a call.

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I.S.A.E. National Headquarters

850 E 73rd Ave Suite #1A

Denver, CO 80229

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