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Conflict Intervention Program 2 Days

About this Class


Dates and Times

Tuesday December 28, 2021 5:00pm thru Wednesday December 29, 2021 10:00pm



Class Description

THERAPEUTICALLY DESIGNED FOR JUVENILES AND THEIR PARENTS AND INDIVIDUAL ADULTS NEEDING A MORE INTENSIVE PROGRAM FOR ANGER MANAGEMENT AND CONFLICT RESOLUTIONbr /br /Program Overviewbr /br /Violence Intervention Program is a powerful seminar utilizing a variety of learning activities and experiential techniques to reach juveniles and their parents and adult offenders dealing with violence and anger issues. Clients exhibiting patterns of violence will develop alternatives to aggressive behavior, learn how to cope with conflictual situations and understand their thoughts, feelings and actions surrounding violent acts. Participating families and adults are given the opportunity to practice skills which lead to lasting attitude change, easily transferable to school, work, home, peer and social structures. Parental involvement in the program is important to the success of the adolescent client. The parenting component instructs parents on specific parental and familial issues in a confidential group setting. br /br /Violence Intervention Program adheres to the philosophy that many problems are consistent with the client's beliefs about themselves and their surroundings. Self-defeating behaviors often result from thoughts generated from core beliefs and feelings. Clients acting out violently often create an environment that is isolating and distance themselves from their families and social structures, tending to identify with peers who are supportive of their self-defeating behaviors. The highly structured techniques used in this program assist clients in identifying their core beliefs and provides them with the nurturing support and mentoring necessary to create an environment where positive behavior change can be made. Using techniques from a number of counseling modalities, this program is designed to reach the resistive client, raise awareness of their motives for acting out violently and offer alternatives to offending behaviors. br /br /Topics Include:br /Anger Managementbr /Ethics Clarificationbr /Understanding Limitsbr /Life Skillsbr /Values Clarificationbr /Impulse Controlbr /Legal Rights & Responsibilitiesbr /Physical/Physiological Aspects of Angerbr /Stages of Violence/Angerbr /Coping Mechanismsbr /br /br /Parenting Skills Programbr /br /Parent involvement in the two day program is important to the success of the adolescent client. The class instructs parents on specific parental and familial issues in a confidential lecture and group setting. This two day program teaches parenting skills and offers the support of counselors and other parents. It also provides education on relationship building, limit setting, and a variety of other topics helpful in reestablishing stability in the home. br /br /br /Format:br /Both the juvenile and a parent are to attend and complete the two day session within the same weekend. Clients must submit a 300-word essay to the referral source within 1 week of /br /br /Who should attend?br /Families and adults needing alternatives to aggressive or violent behaviors. Families needing help with a violence prone /Juveniles with behavioral problems both in and outside the family structure. Individuals facing charges for misdemeanor or felony /Individuals facing charges for harassment, destruction of property or weapons violations charges.



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