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Parenting for All Ages (2 Day) 2 Days

About this Class


Dates and Times

Tuesday October 5, 2021 5:00pm thru Wednesday October 6, 2021 10:00pm



Class Description

TEACHING PARENTS THE SKILLS NECESSARY TO RAISE HEALTHY CHILDREN WHILE KEEPING THEMSELVES HEALTHY AND APPROPRIATE WITH THEIR CHILDRENbr /br /Program Overviewbr /br /Parenting for all Ages is designed to improve existing parenting skills, offer new ideas for dealing effectively with everyday situations and promote healthy relationships and stability in the home. Parenting for all Ages is highly interactive and offers parents the opportunity to learn interpersonal and parenting skills that are in the best interest of their child. Children learn attitudes and coping mechanisms from their parents. This program is designed to assist parents in examining their current attitudes and belief systems and how their behaviors are affecting their children. br /br / Parenting can be both difficult and rewarding. Parenting for all Ages helps parents realize where their parenting ideas and practices are originating from, helps them understand their strengths and how they can use them to best serve their children by providing new resources, skills and techniques. br /br /br /Topics Include:br /Increasing Anger and Stress Management Skillsbr /Developing Effective Communication Skillsbr /Parenting vs. Step-Parenting Issuesbr /Avoiding Power Strugglesbr /Effective Limit and Boundary Settingbr /Developing Parenting Plans and Visitation Schedulesbr /Detailed Information on all Childhood Developmental Stagesbr /Setting up Family Council Meetings with Teen Childrenbr /Developing Contracts for Appropriate Teen Behaviorbr /Strategies for Dealing Effectively with Difficult Teens br /br /br /Format:br /I.S.A.E. will accommodate all indigent clients as determined by the referring agency. Clients must submit a 300-word essay to the referral source within 1 week of /br /br /Who should attend?br /Individuals looking to or needing to improve their parenting skillsbr /Parents involved in divorce or separation /Parents facing neglect, child endangerment and minor child abuse charges



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