Co-ParentingThrough Conflict Level 1.5 2 Days
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Co-ParentingThrough Conflict Level 1.5 2 Days

About this Class


Date and Time

Tuesday May 12, 2020 5:00pm to 7:00pm



Class Description

This course is a workshop designed specifically for parents going through contentious separations. This workshop offers parents time to reassess their skills, techniques and support through this life-altering experience. The overall goal of this program is to help parents improve their co-parenting behavior to benefit their children. All children deserve the opportunity to grow–up without being caught in the middle of parental hostility.
Day 1 The participant will attend the Level 1 workshop for this program.
Topics include:
Defining divorce/dissolution and its process
The responsibilities of parents during this process
The emotional impact parents are experiencing
Allowing parents to understand that a divorce/dissolution follows the process of grief and loss and identifying their stage
Defining and identifying parenting styles and awareness of the do’s and don’ts of parenting.
Day 2, This program will include: awareness of the needs of children in families that are dissolving their relationship
Understanding the stages of brain development of children of all ages including what parents can expect of their children
Attachment theory and how it relates to children under 5 years old; the damaging effects continued conflict will have on children.
How to develop empathy for children and for parents themselves; addressing the topics of domestic violence, child abuse, neglect and substance abuse among parental figures; rebuilding the self-esteem of children/adolescents and the challenges faced by parents and their adolescents (which includes blending families and new parental relationships; and ways to prevent divorce abuse. Our evidence-based, therapeutic models are governed in Motivational Interviewing, Social Learning Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Reality Based Therapy, Accelerated Learning Strategies, Experiential Techniques and Strength Based Approaches. ISAE consistently utilizes best practices and classroom methods to impact all four modalities of learning, which include seeing, hearing, moving, and touching.



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