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Owning a pet is a privilege, but the benefits of pet ownership come with responsibilities. Therefore, it is important to consider the level of responsibility that a pet will be as it becomes an adult dog or cat and to do some research to find out if this pet fits you and your family, your lifestyle and your community.


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According to a survey established by FindLaw in 2013, it reported that: 29% percent of neighbor disputes are caused by disregard for an animal or pet policy. Many times, this issue stems from the homeowner's failure to properly handle or train their animal.

Have you been recently cited for: dog at large, aggressive pet, violating to leash or tether your pet, pet defecation in public or private places, excessive barking or howling, did you take your pet into a public establishment, animal cruelty, leaving your pet alone in a car, owning a dangerous dog/animal, or have you failed to register or vaccinate your pet as required? In Colorado, these are all examples of NOT BENG A RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER!

The Responsible Pet Ownership class offered at ISAE will satisfy any court order for completing a pet class. As a pet owner, you will learn and understand the laws of governing pet ownership, communicating appropriately and handling a dispute, training, disciplining and pet safety, common reasons and behaviors around pets behaving badly and then establishing an action for you and your pet. Let ISAE be your go to educational leader to improve your skills and reinforce you feeling important as a Responsible Pet Owner while living in the community.

Responsible Pet Owner/ Animal Ordinance

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