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Parenting After Divorce Classes

Families going through a divorce or the end of a relationship encounter many difficult situations, from the mundane (splitting of bills, dividing of items) to the highly stressful determining custody, visitation or other major concerns of your child(ren).


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Sometimes, in the midst of all the strife that can accompany these trying times, parents lose focus on their child or children. In our co-parenting course in Colorado, we provide the skills and strategies you can rely on to maintain your focus on what is important as you navigate the complexities of your situation.


The four-hour workshop can serve as a court ordered parenting class for divorce, dissolving a relationship, or as a resource for those who know that they need help and do not have a court order. The co-parenting course emphasizes the importance of communication and boundaries in the building of an effective foundation for a co-parenting relationship.


Parenting will always be a partnership, even after a divorce or separation. By taking the ISAE court ordered parenting class, participants learn how to foster a new relationship with one another that is based on meeting the needs of their child. Parents will learn to establish a clear system that their child can understand, giving them much-needed structure in a confusing period in their young lives.


The course also takes time to discuss the importance of self-care. A divorce, separation or end of a long-term relationship can be one of the most stressful and upsetting events of someone's life. To be the most effective parent you can be, you have to be able to take time to provide for your own well-being, both physical and emotional.


If you are required to take a court ordered parenting class for divorce, or you know that your family would benefit from a co-parenting course, sign up today for the class nearest you!

Parenting After Divorce

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