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Victim Empathy Classes

ISAE's victim empathy class is designed to help individuals improve their ethics and decision making by learning, understanding and developing a greater level of empathy for self and others. The class uncovers the differences between victim knowledge, victim sympathy and victim empathy, who is a victim, understanding the symptoms of how a victim is impacted and being made aware of and understanding the core victim rights.


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The class goes on to help students identify how their behavior has created a ripple effect, identifying their own core values, improvement of impulse control, empathy building, and 7 ways to cultivate compassion.


Did you know that The National Center for Education Statistics and Bureau of Justice Statistics indicates that, nationwide, about 21% of students ages 12-18 experienced bullying. We are proud to announce that we have specifically incorporated information concerning the negative effects around bullying and cyberbullying in response to the growing concerns that our young people are dealing with today. Students who take this class learn specific skills and strategies for improving their behavior, ending the cycle of abuse and taking responsibility by making amends and writing a 6 component apology letter which will be completed in class. Our skilled instructors of this class use motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, and social learning theory as the educational models for the class.


If you're ready to make a real impact in your life and increase your capacity for empathy, sign up for an ISAE victim empathy class today!

Victim Empathy

Online Class:

victim empathy
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$65.00 or less

Scheduled Class:

victim empathy
Tuesday August 13, 2024 5:00pm to 10:00pm
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$75.00 or less

If you are not sure exactly what class to take, please give us a call.

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