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Domestic Disputes

ISAE court ordered domestic disputes classes in Colorado are not about judgement. They are about healing and ending violent behaviors through a rigorous investigation of one's own thoughts and develop new skills that will lead to lasting change.


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Our in-person domestic violence and disputes classes in Colorado begin with accountability and an honest recognition of the circumstances that have led one to enrolling in this class. Domestic abuse will be defined both in a legal sense and in terms of the impact it has on others. Participants will learn to identify who are the victims in their lives and the patterns in their behaviors that lead to abuse. The class covers how addictive behaviors play a role in increasing domestic disputes and domestic violence. Only by establishing this common understanding can one create new behaviors that will break the cycle.


Our court ordered domestic violence and disputes class also focus on exploring the obstacles that can prevent improvement. These include lack of communication, addictions, inability to recognize stressors, and one's own cognitive distortion. Instructors spend time connecting these concepts to reality and providing strategies for overcoming them.


All participants in an ISAE court ordered domestic disputes class complete a victim impact statement and a personal plan to identify changes in behavior that will promote building safe and respectful relationships in the future. The victim impact statements help participants in the class break out of their own mindset and place themselves in the shoes of others, giving them a greater understanding of their behaviors and helping to build empathy. The personal improvement plan lays out concrete steps participants can take to prevent themselves from engaging again in violent or abusive behaviors.


Enroll today in an ISAE court ordered domestic disputes class in Colorado and begin your journey to a healthier life!

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